Basic principles of Shiatsu


It’s a holistic approach to the human being and a preventive maintenance of the physical, psychological and emotional balance by restoring the energy flow (KI) in the body.

The art of Shiatsu originated in Japan. Its source is the philosophy and knowledge behind the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, which embodies thousands of years of experience. It is a means of preventing illness and maintaining good health.

Shiatsu is a relaxation and wellbeing therapy accessible to any type of patients from newborns to elderly people as well as pregnant women or young mothers.

Shiatsu treatment

The shiatsu therapist will provide a full energetic approach using the meridians, acupuncture points and the reflex zones in order to bring to the body the following improvements: enhacing the energy fluids through the body, reduce the tension of muscular tissues, regulate the functions of the body, brings emotional balance and release stress as such sleep improval.